Crisis of Civilization

  • Author: Hilaire Belloc
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 208 pages
  • Product Description: Our choice, says Belloc, is Catholicism or chaos, and the crisis... does not permit of indefinite delay. He shows in this work that ever since the disaster of the Protestant Reformation, our civilization has been coming apart. Catholicism built the Western World - from Roman times through the Dark Ages to the High Middle Ages - but the false doctrine and social philosophy of Protestantism, based on Calvin, is causing a steady and continuing breakdown of that world. Belloc shows the Reformation's evil results in the economic sphere, through the dissolving of Catholic restraints on usury and on unbridled competition. He states that Calvin opened the door to the domination of the mind by money. Belloc concludes that the return of Catholicism is the only remedy for our crumbling world, because our basic principles of civilization are Catholic in origin and only by being energized and guided by the Faith will they - and our civilization - continue to be what they are and continue to help poor, fallen mankind in this world. Belloc maintains that we are drifting back towards slavery and only by re-embracing Catholicism will disaster be averted.

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